Abstracted Ammunition v2

I love the abstracted nature of ‘ammo’ in Dungeon World. Arrows are counted as bundles of three [unless elven, then four] of a thing and used as a resource for game decisions. Consider this move:


  • You have to move to get the shot placing you in danger as described by the GM
  • You have to take what you can get: -1d6 damage
  • You have to take several shots, reducing your ammo by one

So how can I adapt this to Pits & Perils?

As far as arrows and quarrels are concerned, I am just going to assume that the characters are finding, repairing and re-fletching a certain percentage of them and we don’t need to check them off as we go. But I do very much enjoy hard resource decisions in my game. Torches go out, rations are eaten, arrows are lost, etc.

What makes Pits & Perils such a fine game is that it’s simple and I can direct any extra bookkeeping towards what informs my game world. But still, there are things that I just don’t want to count.

So here goes:

  • Arrows are sold and carried in bundles of three. Each bundle counts as a single encumbrance point.
  • On an unmodified roll of 2, the player misses the target and has reduced their 'ammo’ by one. Should this happen early in the dungeon and everyone at the table is crying foul then simply attribute it to shoddy craftsmanship, loss, theft, left them at the Ramada, etc.
  • On a modified [i.e. after adding any bonuses] roll of 3-6, the shot misses but the character has, at some point following the conflict, retrieved their arrow.
  • On a modified roll of 7-8, the player gets a choice:
    • The arrow[s] hit once and the player must remove one ammo.
    • The player decides that it isn’t worth the loss of ammunition and they simply miss but retain the ammo.
  • On a modified roll of 9+, the player hits the target for one or more points of damage as per the lethal combat rules. Bonus, the PC enjoys the spoils of prying their perfectly usable arrow from the creature’s hide.

Probably rolls a lot of nines.