DnD Classes and Old School Play

1d30 comments:
Good points. I think people playing M-Us just aren't using the tools available to them. Examples from 1E AD&D: Darts throw three per round. That's three chances to hit for 1d3 damage each. Since everyone at first level hits the same (do L1 Fighter classes hit AC 0 on 19?) it's a great way to pick off already-injured 1HD monsters and those small sub-1HD types like Giant Rats. You can be the guy carrying the torch! This frees up other PCs to wield two handed weapons like bows, big swords, and also weapon-shield combo. Likewise, if someone else throws a flask of oil you can throw your torch to light it. You're the guy with nothing in his hands and an action every round. You can be the one opening and closing doors to prevent pursuit, etc. Your starting gold may be enough to buy a war dog, since you don't have anything else to spend it on. Awesome! That dog represents a 2HD attacker using the monster attack charts, 2 dice of hit points that other PCs might soak up otherwise, and a natural AC 7 without dog barding. He's a better fighter than anyone else in the group except maybe the Fighter in heavy armor. And he's 100% expendable. Your one spell of the day needs to be Sleep. There is no contest. If you don't start the game with Sleep, that is the first spell you need to choose when you rise to second level. Sleep is the best spell until you hit level 3 or so. It's a win button for most fights and saying you can do it only once a day is churlish.