Occupations for no purpose

Some time ago I cobbled this from the sources listed below for some fool idea or another. Looking back through the list I rather like the world it imagines.

Roll or select from the list:
  1. Astrologer
  2. Baker
  3. Barber (also dentist, surgeon, and blood-letter)
  4. Gong Farmer
  5. Herbalist
  6. Messenger
  7. Minstrel
  8. Physician
  9. Watchman
  10. Moneylender
  11. Gardener
  12. Clerk
  13. Cordwainer (Shoemaker or Cobbler)
  14. Candlemaker
  15. Blacksmith
  16. Cottar (farm laborer/tenant)
  17. Harker (declare announcements on behalf of the king or noble)
  18. Ditcher (a laborer who dug castle moats and foundations)
  19. Scullion (lowest of kitchen workers)
  20. Carpenter