Open Tables and West Marches

why a west marches campaign needs a town (moving into the dungeon, pt. 1)

cr0m: A possible compromise is to allow parties to camp the dungeon, but require a roll on the table of random death for any PCs whose players don’t show up to the next session.
I’m a softy, I know.

The West Marches of Cinder?
B/X Open Table House Rules

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Party Roles for Large Mix Groups via Ten Foot Polemic
Party roles in my game, in general order of priority, are as follows:
- Remembrancer: Records what's happening so I can do the recaps more easily.
- Caller: Announces what the group as a whole is doing. This is even more important in a split party situation - you want a Caller per group so when you switch back to them there's someone to tell you "this is what we're doing next".
- Mapper: Drawing the maps. A classic role.
- Treasurer: Keeping track of party loot.
- Quartermaster: Keeping an eye on consumables, weapon breakage, and encumbrance.
- Guard: Organising marching order and initiative, and rolling for random encounters.
- Tracker: Tracking party HP, spells remaining, and special conditions.

I'm giving 100 bonus exp to anyone who takes on a role, as an extra bonus.

also this:

If something really crazy happens, it's a good idea to take stock at the end of the round or other convenient break point. Give a little summary of the current situation. This is so that you can get a handle on what's going on, so the players can work out how this changes their plans, and so the guy at the end of the table who missed it can enjoy the spectacle of the dad-faced eel that is wriggling its way from the wizard's throat even now.