d6 Signs, Omens, & Encounters: Anka


  1. A rended, dismembered cow lies oddly supine. Its entrails eviscerated clean.
  2. Stripped trees. The limbs torn from their trunks.
  3. Bird droppings as large as the PC's head underfoot.
  4. Local woodland creatures intermittantly startled from unseen and unpresent threats overhead.
  5. Claw marks trench the ground.
  6. A large (2 foot) feather rests upon a large rock.

  1. The sky grows dark as the ominous shadow of a large soaring bird blots out the sun.
  2. A cacophonous caw pierces the air. Even the leaves rattle in the sound.
  3. A dark shape grows rapidly above the PCs. A flash of talon then the useless cry of a nearby cow, horse, or goat as it is whisked violently away.
  4. A stunning, tight turn as avian wings race by, nearly caressing a random PC as they pass. The dusty ground twists into a vortex.
  5. Hovering, direct, full frontal visual encounter nearly within bow shot. The powerful wings beating the wind as it considers the PCs, before pulling away.
  6. Bird droppings incoming(!) Save vs DEX or suffer a direct hit. No damage but party ridicule required.


  1. A young hatchling, the size of a dog, tumbles from above and into a nearby thicket. Its mother follows closely behind. She decides that PCs are a direct threat to her young, gaining an additional +1 to her first attack.
  2. Impossibly, the Anka lands within bowshot and regards the PCs warily. Its purpose is unclear. Good roleplay, food offering, and/or a successful CHA check may find the PCs with an ally.
  3. From above a talon attempts to snatch a random player. Roll DEX to avoid. If successful, the Anka will carry the PC to its nest, presumably for lunch. Every attempt to resist is a STR check with success equivalent to 10, then 20, then 40, then 80 feet, etc. of falling damage.
  4. As quickly as it wasn't there, it is. Random character roll DEX or be surprised. The Anka will fight to the first injury then flee.
  5. The Anka, a tree branch held within its talons, attempts to mow down the party. Every PC makes a DEX check. Failure means the PC is prone and loses 1 HP. The Anka drops the branch and circles quickly, attempting to snatch any who've fallen. Make a second DEX check at -2. Every attempt to resist is a STR check with success equivalent to 10, then 20, then 40, then 80 feet, etc. of falling damage.
  6. What did I do to you? The Anka, a raging flurry of feathers, talons, and beak fights angrily, viciously to its or the PC's death.

Charles Maurice Detmold (1883-1908)