Signs, Omens, and Encounters: Basilisk


  • A dull grey stone statue of a person, outfitted as an adventurer (pack, sword, torch, etc.). Bits of it are chipped and torn off.
  • Fragments of statuary lay scattered about, chipped and mauled appendages.
  • A pile of stones, gathered suspiciously like animal excreta, from this source, dusty prints disappear into the darkness. On examination the prints appear eight-legged, approximately 2-4" with claws and a dragged tail down the center.


  • 3d6 gold coins dropped in grey stone dust, forming a trail that leads into the darkeness. 2-3 piled near an overturned (and otherwise empty) satchel.
  • A scraping, dragging sound beyond the torchlight. Continues for 1d3 TURNS then quiet.
  • The sound of stone against stone, rhythmic, almost chewing from somewhere in the darkness.
  • A sudden movement of shadows rise ominously against the torchlit wall, then slowly descend and disappear.


  1. A mating pair, stumbled upon by the PCs who only notice the slow coital engagement on a 1-3/6, disturb a now irritable couple.
  2. A subtle shift in the stone wall signals something present. Roll for surprise 1-3/6 and the Basilisk attacks.
  3. Around a corner, or on the sudden emergence of torchlight, sits the lumbering presence of a 3' long lizard, looking directly at the PCs. It cocks its head curiously. Consult each player with what they are doing NOW. Any player not explicitly averting their gaze, roll WIS and on a failed roll, then roll 1d6 slow damage poison (each point being removed per subsequent TURN) to the following effects:
    • 0 HP: Your body, stiff as stone, because it is. Perhaps you can be restored by clerical intervention. I hope you're not too heavy.
    • 1 HP: Your joints stiffen and gristle with rubble. Movement is at 1/2 and all physical rolls (STR & DEX) are at -2. Furthermore, you won't heal the gaze damage w/o clerical intervention.
    • 2 HP: Same as 1 HP, movement is 1/2, however, all rolls are at -1.
    • 3 HP: Same as 1 HP, movement is unaffected, but all physical rolls are at -1.    
  4. Something's in its eye. A fortunate turn of events for the PCs. The Basilisk, whether it be dust or pinkeye, is at the onset of the encounter, unable to cast its slow poison. Resorting to claws and bite (3 attacks), it will defend itself to ML5, however, on a morale roll of 2 (ahem, snake eyes), it manages to shake off whatever was in there, and with renewed vigor, will attack to ML10.
  5. The Basilisk, perched along a precipice/outcropping. Its stance wide and staring forcefully at a young adventurer, his body greying to stone before the PCs eyes. On his person, a dagger and pack containing B/II. The creature, occupied as it is, surprised on a 1-4/6.
  6. This lizard, its back arched and tail wrapped aroiund its body, satisfied and calm - like a resting cat. It's turned away from the PCs, idly gnawing on a petrified appendage - the outstretched hand appearing, with each masticated gnawl, to be waving at the PCs and angled toward the Basilisks little hoard: B/III.